Bed Bug Control Havering

bed bug control Havering

In Havering and Worldwide bed bugs are not known to be able to fly. They must either crawl or cling onto clothing, luggage, furniture and other objects used as harbourages to enter your Havering home. Bed bugs can enter homes easily as they have an ability to survive for a period of time without feeding.


Bed Bugs are found mainly in bedrooms and feed on human hosts while they sleep. Bed Bug infestations occur particularly in areas of high population density. Bed bugs do not carry diseases but their blood feeding can cause serious irritation in most people in London and surrounding areas resulting in loss of sleep and lack of energy.

One of our fully qualified technicians will remove your bed bug problem by spraying the infested room and furniture with a suitable insecticide. In some cases disposal or sterilisation of mattresses and bed coverings is advised, we can carry out this procedure for you if that is necessary. Contact us today for fast removal of bed bug infestation from your home in Havering.

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