Cockroach Control Havering

cockroach Control Havering



The German cockroach is one of the most common types of cockroaches in Havering and London. The cockroach is attracted to warm indoor environments. The adult is up to 15mm long with long antennae and legs.


When a female cockroach mates she produces an egg case called an ootheca which contains up to 30 eggs. This is carried by the adult until the young nymphs hatch through the casing, about 4 weeks later. The freshly hatched nymphs are pure white but rapidly darken to a medium brown. The adult cockroaches emerge from the final stage of development from about 2 months later and are sexually mature at this stage. They produce a strong almost sour smell in your home when there is a group of them.

They generally are active during night time when they come out to look for water and food sources. Cockroaches are omnivores they devour anything including human waste matter. They can survive most weather conditions but tend to prefer temperatures of about 30c for optimum breeding environment.


Your Havering home could be prone to cockroach infestations. One of our qualified pest control experts will provide you advice on preventing cockroaches entering your home again after we eradicate your current cockroach problem.


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