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Pharaohs Ants in Havering

Ant Control Havering


Pharaoh ants are tiny yellow-brown ants, almost transparent in appearance, that live in large colonies inside buildings. They are often associated with large buildings such as hospitals, office blocks and more commonly nowadays in people’s homes, mainly apartments or blocks of flats. These are all preferred places of habitat mainly due to the constant heat supplied by central heating, and Havering has its fair share of tower blocks and office blocks. They are similar in form to common black garden ants, but much smaller, less than half the size in fact. They measure less than one-tenth of an inch, just 2 mm in length. As they are of tropical origin they cannot survive Havering’s wonderful outdoor weather, living inside only.

Pharaoh ants do not bite, but feed primarily on high protein foods, particularly meat, spreading germs from one place, or food, to another. Because of this they can pose a health risk. This is the reason they need to be controlled.
They can infest foodstuffs and can be linked to diseases such as:
food poisoning

The Pharaoh ant colonies can contain many queens, up to 200. An individual colony normally contains between 1,000–2,500 workers, but a high density of nests gives the impression of massive colonies. There is no hostility between neighbouring colonies, this is known as unicoloniality. They reproduce sexually active individuals roughly twice a year in established colonies. A single seed colony can populate a large office block, almost to the exclusion of all other insect pests, in just less than six months.

The treatment and eradication of pharaoh ants can be a long and laborious process depending on the size of building. Spraying an insecticide is inactive as the spray does not reach all areas and it just causes the ants to scatter and build new nests elsewhere in the building. The most common and effective treatment is the laying of baits where they forage. Depending on the amount of activity found and reported, baits will need to be replaced when they are empty, until there is no more feed from them. This may need to be done just twice, but sometimes 3-5 times in heavily populated buildings.

Ant killers that you can buy in the shops won’t kill pharaoh ants. Only professional use insecticides will do the job, so make sure you call a pest control company at the first sign of pharaoh ants.


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Hovering wasps in Havering

Wasp nest removal Havering

Have you noticed in the last few years an increase in wasp activity? You may have noticed that they seem to emerge a little earlier than usual and don’t disappear until later in the autumn than before. But why are we having so many wasps in Havering? Actually the wasp increase is happening all over the country. There are many reasons why there may be increase, but the two main ones are the good old British weather and the invasion of the slightly larger and more aggressive European wasp.

The usual inhabitants, the common wasp and the German wasp, are still here in great numbers giving the usual summer problems. But we are now joined by the European wasp, which seems like the numbers have trebled. That along with the ever extending summers that we seem to be having and the not so cold winters, give the wasps a longer life and greater breeding each year.

The wasp used to be active in summer between May and September, but with the warmer weather that now starts earlier in spring and the colder weather not arriving until late October into November, they can cause problems for much longer.

The associated problems with wasps remain the same despite the increase. Whether it’s being stung, wasps swarming around you at a picnic or at the pub on a nice summer’s afternoon and annoying you for no apparent reason, the problems are still the same. They will still build their nests in your lofts and in the eaves and sometimes in your garage or garden shed. One thing for sure they are here to stay and growing in numbers all the time.

If you have a nest that’s a little on the large size, larger than a tennis ball, always call in a pest control company to be on the safe side. Because if you haven’t been stung before, it is not a nice experience and you could suffer a severe allergic reaction.

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