Carpet Beetle Control Havering

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In Havering and all over the UK, carpet Beetles are often a problem. They like to feed on many different substances of animals or plants such as wool, fur, feathers, hair, silk, seeds, grains, cereals, and flour. They have been known to feed on cat or dog foods and even leather and dead insects. When they enter your home then the larvae is your biggest problem.


Larvae are shaped carrots shaped with tufts of bristles at their back ends. The carpet beetle larvae causes damage simple from crawling from room to room in your Havering home. They can live behind baseboards and molding or in a heating system air ducts, clothing and furniture.


We know that elimination of heavy infestations in Havering is very difficult. Thorough cleaning and careful application of appropriate insecticides ,one of our trained and fully qualified member of staff can eliminate your carpet beetle problems and also prevent future carpet beetle infestations. We can carry out this procedure for you in the fastest way possible

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