Rat Control Havering


rat control Havering

In Havering homes a lot of the time you will notice signs of rat infestation before you actually see any rats. Rats are nocturnal creatures and are most active at night time. They like to have a source of food and water near by and they like to build their nests in a dark place.


There are a number of signs of a rat infestation in your Havering home which includes gnaw marks on furniture and walls. Rats also chew on wires and electrical appliances and could cause a lot of damage that way.


Night time when all is quiet you might be able to hear the rats scurrying as they run around. If there is any dust on the floor you will be able find their footprints. Our expert team in London will be happy to give you advice if you are unsure if you have a rat infestation or not. Technicians from our rat control team in London are highly experienced and very well known for providing incredibly effective rat control solutions.


Rat droppings are about the size of a raisin and they do leave oil marks on walls and furniture. The oil is off their coats that rubs off when they are running around. So the best, safest option is to contact our experts team in Havering as soon as possible.

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